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We unleash our customers' potential by taking innovation to the highest level

As Turkey’s leading tire and strip manufacturer, to have a say in the European and world markets with our design and production power

To make dressing, one of the most important requirements of human life, more comfortable and more aesthetic, with our environmentalist and sustainable production approach.

To bring out the true potential of our customers’ products by carrying innovation and quality to the highest level

Started in 1976 in Istanbul with a few narrow weaving machines, Rimteks’ journey to industry leadership in Turkey and Europe can be described as a journey of quality in service, design and production.

Rimteks produces 40 million mt tons of underwear elastic and industrial ribbons per month in its integrated knitting and weaving facility in Hadımköy, Istanbul, equipped with modern technologies with a closed area of 25,000 m².

Rimteks’ success at the international level is based on the principles of sustainable textile production, which expresses a commitment to respect for people, the environment and society, with its design and R&D power constantly aiming for the new and better.

Rimteks, which offers its customers a product collection twice a year as a concrete indicator of the importance it attaches to design, has become one of the determinants of narrow weaving and knitting fashion on a European scale.

In addition to its Oeko-Tex Class I and ISO 9001 certificates, Rimteks follows Step and C2C certification processes.

Rimteks applies the principles of “Sustainable Textile Production” by using environmentally friendly technologies and raw materials and thus aims to contribute to making the world a better place. The environmentally friendly production area equipped with a treatment system and GES (Solar Energy) facility ensures sustainable working and production conditions at the highest level.

Today, Rimteks has become one of the most important manufacturers of the fashion network in its field and exports 85% of its products to more than 60 countries in 4 continents.

Inspiration, Innovation and Unlimited Opportunities

Combining inspiration with technology, we turn innovation into unlimited opportunities

Our design and R&D team, which works with special machines independent of production, prepares 2 different collections per year and collections with fashion-oriented designs are exhibited in foreign fairs.

Knitting machine park (Comez, Müller) 1.5 million mt tons per day.
Weaving track (Müller) 400 thousand mt per day.
Dyehouse (Mageba, Breitenbach) 1.25 million mt tons per day.

We create the most efficient team by blending the dynamism of our young engineers with experience.

Oeko-Tex Class I

ISO 9001




In our 25.000 m2 closed area, our Knitting, Weaving and Dyeing units serve in an integrated manner.

Knitting unit


Our knitting production area with Comez and Müller brand machinery has a daily production capacity of 1.5 million mt.

Weaving Plant


Our weaving production area with Müller brand machinery has a daily production capacity of 400 thousand mt.



Our dyehouse with Mageba and Breitenbach brand machinery has a daily dyeing capacity of 1.25 million mt tons.



We prepare the carefully selected raw materials for production in our Warping unit.



We pack our products according to the preferences of our customers by passing them through 100% control.

25.000 m²
Closed Area
40 million mt
Monthly Production
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